6 Common Reasons for Data Loss & How to Avoid Them

Android OS is considered to be the most powerful operating system. But all systems tend to be susceptible to data loss. Imagine storing some vital documents on your phone, and suddenly all files disappear, or the gadget is lost. It can severely threaten a business if some of the operations are done through that device.

Of course, some of the data can be restored with the help of specific platforms and services, but only if you are lucky. For instance, if you have to submit an essay for the next class, but somehow your data is lost, you can turn to a qualified specialist of Essaypro.com if you have no time to craft a new one by yourself. But in case the issue is not that urgent, you can try to recover the data. 

In this article, we will provide you with information about the most common causes of Android data loss and how you can prevent it. 

Accidental Deletion

The first and the most common reason is accidental deletion. Sometimes it happens that we want to delete some unnecessary files from the gadget and accidentally delete them together with the vital ones. Or we can randomly press “Delete All” instead of the selected files. This can lead to severe stress. You will be surprised, but you are not alone because more than 30% of data losses are caused by the human factor.

Factory Reset

Have you ever been in a situation where you gave your cell phone to kids? It’s very common for kids to press a random button or reach a folder that contains something extremely important. They can even go as far as resetting the phone accidentally. Or when the gadget didn’t perform as needed, you were recommended to do a factory reset? 

Well, not everyone knows that reset can lead to the loss of everything, starting from applications to all pictures, videos, and, of course, contacts. But don’t worry: even though it is the second common cause, you can still restore all the files you have lost. By the way, in some cases, even battery replacement can cause a factory reset. Then all your files will be gone.

Mechanical Dysfunction

A hard drive or software failure will probably cause the loss of Android data. Along with this, software bugs and poor usage are also the common causes of Android data loss, not to mention data corruption such as file systems or databases.


Virus attacks can also lead to the loss of important information. In most cases, viruses overwrite important system files of the operating system or damage the bootable space. In this case, do not try to solve the problem on your own. In order to prevent the worsening of the situation and so that your phone will not break down, it’s better to turn to a specialist. Otherwise, you will lose both expensive gadgets and all the files. 

Broken Gadgets

This one is a typical cause of data loss. No matter if you are a clumsy person or super careful, it can happen to everyone. No one is protected from sudden rain, for example, when you have nowhere to hide and dry your phone. Moreover, if you are a dog owner, and your pet just destroys your gadget while you are in another room.

By the way, the worst-case scenario of the phone’s breakdown is water spills. Sure, phones are water resistant up to a specific amount of water. But even small water spills can corrupt all the files on your phone. Though, if you drop your gadget into the river, nothing will save it.

Also, you should know how to Recover Deleted Data of Memory Card or Pen Drives. It will help in saving the necessary data on your memory card.

Gadget Theft/Loss 

Some people are simply not lucky enough and tend to lose things frequently. Also, their belongings can be stolen by someone in crowded or public places. As a result, not only an expensive gadget or wallet is missing, but also all the vital files and precious memories that are stored on the phone. The worst case is when your phone is not password-protected, and someone will have access to all the files immediately. As a result, thieves can use it to their advantage by blackmailing you and demanding money for not posting your personal information.

How To Prevent Data Loss? 

Double Check Before Deleting Things

We are all human beings, and we tend to make silly mistakes like deleting all files. But in order to prevent it, we should make sure to check all the selected files twice, for some people even three times, before deleting them. This way, you will make sure the important files are safe, and there will be no need to turn to anyone for help.

Always Back Up the Files

The good thing is that with the advent of the newest cell phone models, the demand for data recovery technologies has increased. Nowadays, data carriers and the means for recovering lost data are constantly improving. Hence, you can take advantage of Google Drive. You can make a backup copy of all the pictures, videos, audio, etc., and keep them in the cloud. So even if your gadget is broken or stolen, or you delete all the files, you will have no reasons to be worried.

Install an Antivirus

Today’s Android antivirus provides comprehensive, real-time, proactive protection even against unknown malware (with minimal load on the processor and RAM of your smartphone or tablet). If you still don’t know if you should install one or not, here is the list of reasons why you need to install an antivirus:

  • High-quality antivirus does not affect the performance of gadgets at all.
  • Android OS does not guarantee 100% security against viruses. This is especially true for unlocked phones and tablets as well as those that were built unofficially. Their firmware can be embedded with spyware and adware, providing a threat to the safety of the device.
  • Although Google Play apps are thoroughly scanned for threats, they can also contain malicious viruses. Hackers have learned to create cleverly disguised codes that get past the security system. If dangerous apps inadvertently recommended by Google get into your smartphone or tablet, hackers can quickly rob you and give your personal data to unauthorized people who can use it to your detriment.
  • Lock your device and clear its memory remotely.
  • In case your cell phone is lost or stolen, you will be able to track and locate it easily.
  • You can fully control and securely perform any online banking operations.

Lock the Device

The basic and one of the main elements of protection is the screen lock. There are many ways to lock Android gadgets, from classic password protection to more modern methods. However, which one will suit you more you need to decide by yourself. Here is a list of the most common ways to lock your screen:

  • screen lock pattern
  • screen lock PIN
  • screen lock password
  • fingerprint unlocking

Summing Up

Of course, data loss is not a pleasant experience. Though, by using all the methods listed above, you can be sure your data will be safe. Don’t lose your gadgets, be aware of pickpockets and hackers, and in case of o a breakdown, turn to a specialist.

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