Bluestacks 5-( 5 Reasons Why We Need Bluestacks 5)

“We want BlueStacks 5 !!!” This isn’t a motto but a heart talk of the Gamers community*

When Bluestacks founded on April 25, 2009, it brought a gaming revolution in the gaming world. Its featured put a dramatical effect on the users which were almost unknown before. Now you can play android games on your computer. You don’t need a mobile phone to play your favorite android game. 

Features of Bluestacks 6 features of Bluestacks 4

BlueStacks has numerous features that make gamers gaming life better than before. 

  1. It allows users to play android games on PC, Laptop or Tablet also. 
  2. Phone calls or Messages disturb you no more while playing games.
  3. You don’t have a phone? Don’t worry that’s why BlueStacks made.
  4. Users now can enjoy their favorite games on a larger screen.
  5. While using BlueStacks you can also do multi-tasking at the same time.
  6. It allows users to control the game with the keyboard and mouse. Also, you can use a touch screen controlling option too.

Why We Need BlueStacks 5?

BlueStacks 4 is the latest version of BlueStacks emulator but still, there are some cons/issues which demand it next version BlueStacks 5. Personally, this list contains some issue which I want to be fixed in the upgraded version.

  • Slow down your computer

Using BlueStacks allows you to use android applications on your PC/Laptop. But if your system configuration is low then BlueStacks can slow down your computer. Let’s make it simple for you, If your PC has 4GB ram then you will face lags while playing games. 2GB PC owners can feel a nightmare while using this.

  1. Required Graphic Card

For a smooth gaming experience, you must require a graphic card. Without a graphic card, you can’t enjoy a great gaming experience. If you don’t have a graphic card in your pc then go and buy one which costs you.

  • Controlling Issue in Some Games

You can face controlling issues in some games while using it on BlueStacks older version. You can see a lot of queries regarding controlling issues that gamers are facing all over the world.

  • Application Support  

BlueStacks older versions support almost every application but not everyone. They should improve it BlueStacks 5. Also, you have to download the game again on the PC which you have on your mobile. Low size games won’t create a problem for you but high size games will do.

Think about downloading a 4GB size game again!!!

  • Special Features

The older you get the more new replacement ready to take your place. This line perfectly suits to BlueStacks. We are not living in 2009 anymore, nor BlueStacks’s competitors. There’s a lot of best alternative platforms of BlueStacks which become quite popular among gamers. 

Improvement in Bluestacks

Solution 1: Launching a Lite Version of BlueStacks

Lite version allows you to enjoy an application on low configuration devices. BlueStacks developers can launch a lite version of the emulator, So low configuration pc users can also enjoy this.

Solution 2: Provide better controls

BlueStacks Developers can fix the controlling issue or can remove the make changes in the older version so the gamers won’t face controlling issue anymore.

Solution 3: Create a Cloud Sharing

Creating a Cloud Sharing allows users to access their Mobile games on PC too. Which means you don’t have to download the same game again. This will save users time and data.

Solution 4: Provides Some New Features

“Creating something new makes you different from others.”  BlueStacks should launch some new features in the upcoming version BlueStacks 5 which should make the gamer’s life better than before in any app stack.

Gamers Community

Gamers Community is one of the biggest community with 1.82 Billion population and still counting every second. Statista’s graph chart clearly shows that in 2022 gamers population will increase up to 2.7 billion or even more. Because of this huge population many top Gaming Software Development Companies launching games and emulators for gamers to attract them. 


Till the date, we haven’t heard any official news about BlueStacks 5 but these some cons/issues indirectly point towards an update. 

What do you think about these cons/issues? Ain’t they serious matter which required to be solved? Comment Now!!!

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