How to learn fast and better: tips for students

Many academic subjects, huge curriculum, other learning material, and learning, following our interests and hobbies require us to become quick, fast, and better at learning and performing. But many students struggle because they are not able to achieve all this at a faster rate. Let us discuss some tips which students can use in this regard.

How does learning faster help students?


  • It will provide you with time to revise the topics multiple times. Slow learners don’t seem to make most of the education whereas the students who finish up the syllabus fast, can revise it, again and again, to become efficient.
  • Fast learning provides students the chance to practice via different learning resources. For example, once finished with textbooks, students can solve and practice exercises from guides, online teaching sites, apps, and sample papers further.
  • It boosts confidence too. By learning at a faster rate, students get an opportunity to revise, repeat, practice, and respond more. This boosts their self-confidence and makes them more efficient in academics.

What should students do?


  1. Note making can help

Verbally memorising is useful but to learn better, for longer, and at a faster rate, note-making is very helpful. Students should develop a habit that after reading a specific topic, they have to write the important pointers. This will help them to know better. With better understanding, comprehending information becomes quicker and effective.

  1. Use different resources for learning

 Sometimes textbook learning can be time-consuming and monotonous. Along with books and guides, students can use a range of other tools as well. For instance, using visual and audio tools like presentations, educational videos, audio lessons, online learning apps, picture cards, quizzes, riddles, and ebooks can help learners to grasp and learn better and faster.

  1. Breaks are important

 To retain the particular tricky questions with answers that you completed, your brain needs time. Our mind is not a machine. It also needs some time and rest to process what you are learning before moving forward. To make your learning fast, students should take a few short breaks in between. These breaks are going to be very helpful to rebuild energy, focus, and power for effective learning.


What should teachers do?


  1. Make them understand well

Any information which we don’t understand properly, cannot be learned fast either. Therefore the teachers need to make students understand the topics and academic subjects properly in the classes. Once they have an in-depth understanding, the comprehension process becomes quite quick. And when students don’t understand something, they are not capable of relating to the topic, also memorising and answering the questions becomes tough.

Hence all teachers must focus on this technique. Many learners are reluctant to raise doubts about what they don’t understand. Teachers can use motivational quotes for students to encourage them to speak up about their doubts and queries. This way teachers can support fast learning for learners.

what students should do


  1. Teach them the right techniques

Many times students follow the wrong ways for learning which flowers down their learning speed and effectiveness. Teaching them the right techniques can help. For example, before solving the complex questions, ask learners to work out and practice the solved examples. You can teach them to learn the big definitions and terms in the form of rhymes and short forms.

For example, the seven colour band of the spectrum can be remembered as VIBGYOR. Such techniques can be very helpful for learners to make their learning fast. Another such instance can be first learning the tricky questions with answers, later solving the problems which are without solutions, and so tallying the answers.


  1. Guide and support them


There are different kinds of learners with varying learning speeds. Some are very fast at memorising whereas some are slow learners too. But they can also make their learning better by taking guidance and feedback from the teachers. Talk to the students who you find are not performing well in academics. Listening to their problems and suggesting to them the best can be done. You can also provide some additional help by arranging doubt classes for them. Use motivational quotes for  students to encourage them to become better every single day.


We all are a part of the education system, where the academic subjects and syllabus are vast. And covering everything effectively requires maintaining the right learning speed. All the above-mentioned tips can be used by students to become fast learners.  We also discussed the tips which teachers can use to assist students in understanding and memorising better and faster too.

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