Role of Note-Making in Achieving a Good Score

We all must be aware of the importance of note-making whether we are following an online classroom app or offline means for education. Note-making helps students to score well academically. Note-making is an art that you have to develop yourself after knowing what you are reading and what is essential to extract from the text or content. 

Why is Note Making Critical for All Students?

Note-making is like an art to extract the best of knowledge and facts that are necessary. This will help to learn fast and better for students or professionals to remember. In comparison, you can have a quick revision with the help of notes while heading towards exams or interviews where the examiner asks questions related to the basics of a specific skill. 

Why is it Important?

The note-making is essential because of the following reasons as mentioned below-

It Keeps one Awake

Whenever something is going on in the class, where an educator is delivering a demonstration over a particular concept, note-making keeps you entangled with the educator and makes you pay more and more attention and focus on learning.

Promotes self-learning

It is note-making that makes a student actively participate in learning practices. Thus, it helps them develop a habit in students and makes them capable of analyzing and summarizing concepts. Note-making is essential for better understanding that one can use to revise crucial facts and ideas in the future. 

It helps students to keep a record and study well

It is not necessary that just being physically present in the classroom would make you understand and learn the concepts for problem-solving only; thus, every student needs to extract the best from whatever lectures have been delivered by the educators. 

Pay off in college and while setting up a target into professional life 

It is crucial to develop the skill of note-making, which will further ease up things for you in college, where the syllabus and content will be more as compared to your school syllabus.

Note making is something students mostly get aware of in their college days, where they had to go through a thick book to gain knowledge and extract facts from those, which take over days for completion. Again, suppose you want to revise the book. In that case, it becomes challenging for students to manage time while attending lectures and workshops, so note-making is proven to bring efficiency and promote flexibility. 

For college students, it is necessary in the initial days to become organized first, keep all notes related to one subject at a place where you can easily find them. After reading stuff out, you can rearrange it quickly and effectively. 

However, with the world turning towards digitalization, it is advised that the students use both Laptops and notebooks for making notes. If asked personally, we will also suggest that a student from college prepare their notes into both, but only after developing an attitude of the organization. 

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Students these days are more comfortable saving their notes on their phones and laptops, enabling them to access the same anytime, anywhere as per their preferences. 

The main reason behind it is the upgrades that keep on happening. Students like to save their notes on Laptops as it is easy to add points with the current extracted notes there, which becomes difficult to upgrade on paper, where the notes on upgrade become unclear and, thus, not promising. 

As experts suggest, note-making needs to be short and sweet, where abbreviations should be used along with symbols and highlight essential and daily checkpoints. You can use bullet points or put on a label and number the pages where you keep the spacing nicely so that the notes seem very clear and easier to read and revisit again and again for revision work.

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