How to Protect Android Devices with Kaspersky Internet Security?

Internet Security has become an essential thing that we can not ignore. Everyone has to do lots of work through the use of mobile phones. For making payment, online shopping, bill payment, form filling, and so on. In all of these, you always ask to enter your important details like bank details for the transfer of money. It can be risky for you if you use an android device for making payment, and more. Because hackers by making phishing sites try to hack your personal data. It is riskier as you can lose your private information. But do not worry because Kaspersky brought a solution that is Kaspersky Internet Security to protecting your android phone from hackers.

We will discuss in this article how to protect android devices with Kaspersky internet security. You can protect your android device by installing and using the Kaspersky internet security application.

But You Should Know About the Kaspersky Company

  • CEO is Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky company
  • It is a cybersecurity and antivirus provider company
  • Founded in 1997 in Moscow, Russia
  • Headquartered is in Moscow, Russia
  • The founders are Natalya Kaspersky, Alexey De-Monderik, Vadim Bogdanov, and Eugene Kaspersky

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Characteristics of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Device

  • It beats and fights against viruses, malware, and harmful attack on your device.
  • You will get a secure connection by which you can send and receive the data securely.
  • It keeps you secure online
  • Protects from the hackers who try to track or leak your sensitive information.
  • Scan spyware and remove them
  • It has a bank-grade encryption feature that protects your bank details and online payment.
  • It also provides Webcam protection


The pricing is different according to the year you will choose. You can connect 3, 5, or 10 devices and take a plan for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. And Kaspersky is offering up to 50% off on buying Kaspersky Internet security for android. To get a discount you can use the Kaspersky Internet Security Coupons. But if you do not want premium Kaspersky internet security so can get free Internet security also. The difference between the free and premium Kaspersky internet security is of features.

Let’s see the comparison Between Kaspersky free and premium

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android – Free

Features of Free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

  1. This was a specially built feature for the security of the android device.
  2. You can easily use and control all the functions of this app.
  3. All of your data will keep safe if you have lost your data or stolen by theft.
  4. Scan the malware and spyware by go to your setting.
  5. It is a security solution from the cyber-attackers

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But in the Premium Kaspersky Internet Security. You will get these extra features and others are the same which is in Free.

  1. It includes an automatic scanning of malware in your android device
  2. Protect you from malicious or phishing sites and phishing emails.
  3. And, another feature is of locking of your key applications. Yes, it can secure and lock apps by a code that would be secret. Hide your text messages, phone calls, and logging details.
How Kaspersky Internet Security Boosts Online Security?

How Kaspersky Internet Security Boosts Online Security?

Your online security will boost because it has a feature of secure VPN connection included. VPN uses a strongly encrypted tunnel when you come online. The protocol and encryption do not read the data and make it secure to send and receive the data. Your internet connection will also secure even if you are using public wifi. It hides your browsing activities and the IP address from hackers and ISP.

Access the restricted content, websites, movies.

Protects 200 MB of traffic per day, per device.

Military Grade Encryption

Android, tablets, iOS, iPhone’s requirements for installing Kaspersky Internet Security

Android version 4.4 or higher and minimum screen resolution is 320 x 480

iOS version be 12.0 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kaspersky Internet Security safe to use?

Yes, Kaspersky is safe to use and it is an award-winning software & provides service since 1997.

How to install Kaspersky internet security?

How to buy Kaspersky Internet Security?

  • Open your application store
  • Find the Kaspersky internet security in the search field
  • After finding click on install
  • Allow the permission that will ask you & tap on install

How to activate the trial version?

Kaspersky offers a 30-day free trial for using internet security in android.

First, open the application window in your android phone

Tap on real-time protection

Select a 1-month subscription plan, not per year

And, at the last click on subscribe

How to cancel a subscription on Android Device?

  • Open Google Play Store in your android
  • Select a subscription by tapping on the three-line button
  • Search your subscription that you want to cancel
  • After finding the subscription, click on cancel
  • If it asks to follow the instruction do follow them
  • Now, it is done

How to buy Kaspersky internet security?

Visit the Kaspersky website and click on Kaspersky internet security. Select the number of devices that you want to connect and license terms like for 1, 2, or 3 years. Click on Buy and enter your order details and make payment. While payment you can also use the Kaspersky Promo Code to get a discount that Kaspersky also offers.

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