What Does Kissing Horizontally Mean? (Types & Benefits)

Kissing someone while lying on a bed or sofa in an intimate position is called a horizontal kiss. Some people do not know the proper meaning but we try to clear all your questions regarding what does kissing horizontally means? Look no further in this article we will clear your all doubts regarding this topic.

If you are in a relationship with your partner and you are curious to know about kissing horizontally and some intimate position with your partner. so you are in the right place You can try a horizontal kiss with your partner to make her more comfortable before going to bed.

Couples find this position more adventurous and romantic and they always want to try it at once. If you are single you can also try a horizontal kiss with your crush in their dreams, If you really want to know about the horizontal kiss and other intimate positions this article is for you.

Benefits Of Kissing Horizontally

Horizontal kissing can have many benefits both mentally and emotionally Just look at some benefits here:

  • Horizontal Kissing releases the Hormone Oxytocin, which is also known as a Love Drug.
  • It will reduce your blood pressure.
  • It helps you in fighting from cavities.
  • A horizontal kiss can help you in relieving stress.
  • A horizontal kiss is a way to increase intimacy and build a stronger connection.
  • A horizontal kiss or a normal kiss can relax your mood.

How To Execute A Horizontal Kiss?

There are lots of ways to execute a horizontal kiss. If you are interested in a romantic kiss you can be frank and have an open conversation with your partner. The first step is to comfortable with your partner and have a conversation about your feelings and intentions towards your partner. After that, if you and your partner have a mutual decision you can go and execute a horizontal kiss.

Can You Do Kissing Horizontally Daily With Your Partner?

Kissing is an intimate act, you want to kiss or not someone this totally depends on you and your partner. If you are in a romantic relationship it’s important to communicate and share your thoughts with your partner.

Take a wise decision in which both of you feel comfortable and enjoy the whole process. while kissing someone you should be careful about some things, like mutual consent personal hygiene, and any health-related issues.

Ultimately the decision of horizontal kissing is totally on you and your partner to build a connection more intimately and romantically.

Why Do Girls Like Horizontal Kiss?

Nowadays kissing is a common way to show your love and respect towards your partner in a relationship. It is a natural art to express your attraction and intimacy toward your loved ones. For most of the girls kissing horizontally is a pleasure and a meaningful experience that allows them to connect emotionally and physically with their partners.

According to some relationship experts and physiology while kissing someone our body releases hormones like oxytocin which force girls to the stage of personal satisfaction and helps in increasing bonds and connecting emotionally with their loved ones 

Next Step After Kissing Your Girlfriend

It’s totally up to you whether you want a physical sign after your kiss or even want to start the procedure. It’s your partner and your mutual consent and comfort Also make sure to make a conversation with your partner and make sure you both can feel comfortable.

If you and your partner both feel comfortable you can further go for physical intimacy like hugging, cuddling, and holding hands Make sure you know your partner’s boundaries

Its recommended to practice safe mating during your physical intimacy which protects you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.

How Do Girls Feel After Kissing Horizontally?

It’s difficult to categorize how all girls feel after a kiss but some common feelings that girls experience during a horizontal kiss like 

  • Happiness, If a girl enjoys your kiss and feels a connection with the person it means she is happy and enjoyed the whole process.
  • Nervousness, some girls may feel nervous after a horizontal kiss if the kiss is unexpected and happens at a sudden moment as you have seen in movies.
  • Excitement, a girl may feel excited if it was her first kiss and also if she feels seduced by some mixed hormone changes.
  • Disappointment, if the kiss doesn’t meet her expectations or if you don’t smell nice so it’s a ridiculous experience for your partner.

How Many Calories Burn During One Horizontal Kiss?

Its quite difficult to give an exact count of calories burned during a horizontal kiss as it depends on various factors like the intensity and duration of the kiss, the body weight of your partner, and their metabolic rate, if we compare it to a general kiss you will burn around 2-3 calories per minute, so if you kiss for 10 minutes so you will burn 20-30 calories.

Does Horizontal Kiss Increase Your Lip Size?

What Are Different Type Of Kissing 2 1

No, horizontal kissing doesn’t increase your lip size. The size and shape of your lips are determined by your genetics and kissing doesn’t increase your lip size, However, kissing in a horizontal way may increase your blood flow temporarily which might make your lips for 1-2 minutes, after some minutes your lips will return to your natural shape.

What Are Different Type Of Kissing?

Kissing is a universal act of showing your loved ones towards your loved ones, there are many types of kisses in the universe some of them are

  • French Kiss- is a type of kiss in which both partners open their mouths and touch their tongues.  
  • Butterfly Kiss- It’s a gentle and beautiful kiss in which the eyelashes of one partner touch the cheeks of the other partner.
  • Neck Kiss- in this kiss, one partner hugs them from behind or front both ways and touches their lips to the neck of their partner.

What Kind Of Kiss Do Girls Like?

Mostly girls like these three kisses in a relationship: Horizontal Kiss, French Kiss, and Forehead Kiss.

Do Girls Like Horizontal Kiss?

Yes, most girls like it because in horizontal kissing, you can get closer to your loved ones and create an intimate or powerful bond with your partner.

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