Which Monitor To Choose For Your Computer?

When it comes to computer monitors, a lot of people do not have a clear idea of which one to choose for PC. You should also consider the necessity of a high-quality screen. You might need it for making visuals, playing games, or doing other stuff.

Modern full HD screens are able to work for days. At the same time, it is not enough for the monitor to simply give out a high-quality picture – the image must be very clear and safe for the eyes. Which monitor to choose for your computer? Consider the key parameters in this article.

Matrix Characteristics

Today, in a market where liquid crystal monitors (LCD) abound, you can find devices with several matrix panels: IPS, TN, and VA. The view of the matrix itself does not affect the eyes, discomfort appears when the screen is not positioned correctly. For display type VA, crystallization volume and crystallization rate are important.

Frequency Indicator

By increasing the display frequency to 144 Hz, the specialists created monitors with 3D technology. The standard display mode has little effect on visual fatigue. Response time has a bigger impact, particularly in fast-paced games. Also when you try real online slots in online casinos you will not tire your eyes. In simple words, those pixels that do not keep up with the speed of switching pop up on the screen like a trail behind a moving object. If you have to choose a monitor for games, you should opt for models with TN matrices.

You should know the guide to monitor technology, it is important to be aware of the different types of monitors on the market.

What Monitor Backlight To Choose For A Modern Computer?

LCD monitors using fluorescent lamps for backlighting and cold cathode have now lost the “palm” to LED displays. Their illumination is based on the use of LEDs. There is an opinion that such screens provoke eye fatigue. From a certain point of view, this is true, similar to W-LED displays, which do not convert wavelength well enough.

The eyes begin to tire of uncompensated high light intensity in the spectral region. The ideal backlight for vision is one that is based on two colors of the GB-LED system or on three – RGB-LED.

Image Brightness

Optimal brightness is considered to be 100 nits, typical for self-luminous displays. Under artificial or natural lighting, a value of 150-200 nits is considered the norm. A higher brightness indicator leads to severe eye fatigue, however, a strong decrease in the brightness level also negatively affects vision. A similar effect is associated with the implemented brightness of the monitor – it is pulse-width modulation or direct current.

Image brightness will especially be interesting for those people, who are engaged in gaming. When playing games on ultra graphics, you need to have image brightness at a decent level. To get lag-free and the best speed, you need to know the ways to improve gaming performance on laptop to play your favorite games.

Screen Resolution

It doesn’t matter what the size of the monitor will be, the main thing is that it will function properly at its standard resolution. If the image will be broadcast with a reduced number of pixels, this will lead to its interpolation and loss of clarity. High-resolution monitors require a powerful graphics card.

Before you decide to choose a computer monitor, make sure you have a decent amount of money allocated. Otherwise, you may purchase the one, that will meet your expectations and let you down. If you are a gamer who wants to play different games with ultra graphics, then it is advisable to purchase a monitor with a large screen resolution and additional features. You need to have the fastest VPN for PUBG Lite that you can connect to any server across the world. The same applies to graphic designers, for those colors are important. If you want to work on simple tasks and surf the Internet, then buying an ordinary monitor will suffice in the long run.

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