How do I install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server?

In this digital world we all need to secure our personal information over the Internet. And for securing our credential details an Antivirus plays a vital role. There are a number of antivirus providers all over the world. Kaspersky is one of the amazing antivirus providers in this digital world. The company offers a number of antivirus solutions to protect your device against unwanted threats. Kaspersky provides security solutions for both home and office. You can get excellent security software at a very affordable price with Kaspersky. The company brings varieties of antivirus products that help you to defend your PC, Android or iOS against viruses, malware, ransomware and other unwanted threats. Kaspersky mainly deals with Kaspersky Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security, Endpoint Business Select. Kaspersky Small Office Security.In this article I am going to describe how to Install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server in your device. 

Before going into the depth of steps of installation of Kaspersky Small Office Security. Let’s first discuss what is kaspersky Small Office Security & what are its advantages in short. So let’s begin-

What is Kaspersky Small Office Security?

Kaspersky Small Office Security is one of the most popular antivirus suites for business or Office purposes. This software is basically used to combine the simplicity of the Home PC protection with special capabilities. It helps you to keep your business safe while employees are working. It provides security around the set of 5-25 employees. Kaspersky Small Office Security suite protects multi-device like Windows and Mac PCs and laptops. It offers excellent features to protect your Small Office. It offers excellent features like Safe Money, File encryption & Backup, Android Device Protection, Advanced Ransomware Protection and Rollback, Built in Vulnerability Scanning. 

Steps to Install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server

You have to follow some very simple and easy steps to install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server. You do not have to go through with the long and lengthy procedure. So let’s begin the installation of Kaspersky Small Office Security Servers:

Steps to Install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server

  • First step is to download the Kaspersky Small Office Security Package from Kaspersky Official Website via email that you have received after purchasing.
  • Run the Installer.
  • Wait for searching the newer version or you can also Skip & Click Continue
  • Read Kaspersky End User License Agreement & Click on Agree. ( Only if you agreed with the terms and conditions of Kaspersky End License Agreement).
  • Now read the Kaspersky Security Network Statement carefully. And click on Agree if you have agreed with the statement. Or if you do not want to participate then you can click on decline.
  • Read the message carefully about the potential issues that may occur while installation of Small Office Security Server. 
  • After reading the message Click Install
  • Further Allow the installation of Kaspersky Small Office Security in the Windows User Account Control window
  • Enable all the settings in the recommended window and and then click on Apply
  • Now Click Done
  • Your Kaspersky Small Office Security Server has been successfully Installed!

Advantages of Installations of Kaspersky Small Office Security Server

Advantages of Install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server

Kaspersky Small Office Security is one of the most popular and best antivirus suites for Small Office. It offers excellent features that helps you to protect your Office employees and your Office PC. There are lots of advantages of installing Kaspersky Small office security servers. Below are some of the best advantages of kaspersky Small Office Security. So let’s take a look below:


Kaspersky Small Office Security offers effective protection against ransomware for negligent employees. In case if your employee has followed malicious links and the ransomware tries to encrypt your important work files then this effect of Small Office Security will restore your unencrypted work file in backup. So you do not have to worry about the ransomware attacks after having Kaspersky small Office Security Suite.


Kaspersky Small Office Security provides extra layers of security protection in terms of stealing money. The suite comes up with Kaspersky Safe Money that helps you to prevent you from thieves. All your money is protected under this security suite. Whenever you visit any shopping or banking sites, Kaspersky Safe Money ensures that the website is safe or not. It keeps you alert and helps you to find out which site is safe before opening it.


This security suite helps you to prevent the account takeover fraud. This security suite comes with Kaspersky password manager that helps you to keep your login safe and it prevents you from leakage of your credential information. Kaspersky password manager stores all your login passwords and it also syncs all your passwords from all your devices. It helps you to generate strong passwords with its Password generator. 


Kaspersky small Office Security offers easy to use Protection for your entire business. The security suite offers easy to use tools that you can easily use without having any deep technical knowledge. You will get a multi-layer of protection under a single package. This effective Kaspersky Small Office Security includes- 

  • Convenient web portal
  • Secure Windows File Server
  • Work safely on mobile devices
  • Safe Internet, email and privacy
  • Safely store and transfer valuable files
  • Security you can trust – and we can prove it


Kaspersky Small Office Security Server is one of the most amazing security suites that offers excellent protection against unwanted threats. It keeps your office work safe and secure against all hackers and other unwanted threats. It is multi-device security software that prevents harmful threats away. You can use this excellent security suite at a very affordable range by using kaspersky Coupon Code. By using this discount voucher, you will get straight 50% off on this security software. And I hope this article helps you to Install Kaspersky Small Office Security Server without any problem. Hope you like the article. Mention in comments if you have any doubts. Stay tuned for more software updates or check out our all posts related to softwares.

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