Youtube vs TikTok – Which one is more beneficial?

There would be hardly anybody who is not aware of these two social media platforms for videos. Youtube is way older and has been the king when it comes to any online platforms for videos. On the other hand, Tik-tok is the new trend for short videos from smartphones and it is gaining a lot of eyeballs and engagement from youngsters. This is what makes Youtube vs Tiktok more interesting. 

Tik tok is giving a tough challenge and competition to popular social media platforms like Instagram and youtube. Which makes the battle between Youtube vs TikTok more interesting.


Youtube is a very popular American video-sharing platform. People use this platform to watch new videos,  create their own videos, share videos, like and comment on videos. You can even become an affiliate marketer. 

You can get various types of videos on this platform. Be it music, hip-pop, cooking, beauty, kid-related, gaming, nutritional, gym exercise, yoga, sports, stand-up comedies, etc. 

You can create your own channel on Youtube. It could be about anything you are into. For example dancing, blogging, nutrition, etc. A lot of people earn a good amount of money on this platform.

It has been a very powerful and popular video-sharing social media network.  However, now it is facing very good competition from a new and trending social media network that is TikTok. 


Tiktok is a social media platform for creating and sharing short videos. It was founded by a Beijing based company ByteDance in 2012. It was renamed as TikTok from in 2018. 

TikTok at present is the fastest growing social media app in the world.

The majority of people use it are below 26 years old. It is a new trend for all the youngster, school-going and college-going student. 

How TikTok works? It’s simple. You got a smartphone. Download the app and then create your profile. Get started, make a short video.

It could be funny or some kind of art that you want to showcase, or a talent. The video duration usually around 15 seconds to 1 minute. Upload the video and wait for the responses, shares, and likes. 

Which one is more Effective Youtube or Tiktok?

Youtube has been the most effective and popular social media network for video sharing. Google bought Youtube back in 2006. It is a platform on which there are no limitations on the length of the videos. 

On the other hand, TikTok is only for creating short videos like 15 seconds for the fun or showing some kind of talent that could be summed up in a short duration. 

If you are a food blogger or gym trainer or a teacher etc. then you need longer videos to deliver your message. This is why people who create longer content prefer Youtube. 

youtube vs tiktok

Youtube is a platform where people earn through creating their own channels and gaining followers. For example, Joe Delaney is an online fitness trainer. He has a youtube channel with followers around 250k. He got sponsorship to promote Bulkpowders through his youtube videos. 

TikTok is popular among youngster and you can upload any short video from your mobile phone. It could be funny, you dancing or pranking, showing stunts, etc. These videos often tend to get a good number of likes and shares. 

Both platforms have their own specific features. They both are useful for different people with different requirements. You can earn money on both of these platforms. You will see more professionals on Youtube. But famous celebrities are also using TikTok. 

Youtube vs Tiktok, is the clash of two popular video sharing platforms.

What is in store for both? (Youtube Vs TikTok)

The impact and popularity of Youtube can not be doubted. Youtube has been facing all the competition since the beginning. And it has been dominant throughout all these years. 

TikTok is coming as a new threat to Youtube and its popularity. It has been the most trending social media network for video sharing in recent years especially among youngsters.  

Youtube is not going to be irrelevant easily. It is a platform where millions and billions of people come daily. 

TokTok has gone viral. And many people are predicting that it is going to outperform both Youtube and Instagram. 

Conclusion – (Youtube Vs TikTok)

In the way of summing up, Youtube vs Tiktok is a battle of the best video sharing platform. Youtube has been the most dominant and effective platform for years. People are earning a lot of money off this platform by creating videos. 

TikTok is a new video-sharing social media platform. It is the buzzword right now. Everybody is talking about TikTok and the success it has got in recent years. It is believed most influencers are going to use Tiktok over other social media platforms. 

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