Is Bizgurukul Safe in 2024? – Legality & Affiliate Program

Bizgurukul, probably you have heard this name from Instagram or Facebook where people promote it by showing you your future of earning 6 figures income in a month. This attracts a lot of people, but at the same time, many remain confused that whether they should this platform or not. That is why, here we will tell you is Bizgurukul safe or not?

So, today in this article we’ll clear your all doubts by reviewing Bizgurukul honestly. You’ll get to know if Bizgurukul is safe, legal or not, what courses it provides and its affiliate marketing program. All things you need to know before joining Bizgurukul.

What Is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul is an e-learning platform that provides skill enhancement courses like digital marketing course, content marketing, spoken English, etc. Also, it has its own affiliate marketing program where you can affiliate its courses and that’s why Bizgurukul calls its platform a learn-and-earn platform.

By this learn-and-earn, they mean that you can learn through their courses and after can earn by selling the same course to another, as by purchasing its course you’ll be Bizgurukul’s affiliate.

We can say that it’s a new company as it is launched in 2020 from Delhi, India and gained popularity because of its affiliate marketing program. Many people on Instagram and Facebook promote Bizgurukul affiliate marketing programs and sell courses off-course.

Is Bizgurukul Legal?

Yes, Bizgurukul is legal. There is nothing illegal in this company as it is just providing courses and an affiliate marketing program which is not illegal to do. Also, Bizgurukul company is a legitimate platform as it is registered under the Companies Act 2013 it is not a fake company.

So, we can say that bizgurukul safe legally. You don’t have to worry about legal troubles for purchasing its course or joining its affiliate marketing program. 

What Are Bizgurukul Courses?

As we know Bizgurukul is an e-learning platform which provides skill development courses.

No doubt they have many courses available on the website. They provide 5 different bundles of courses where they provide pre-recorded classes to the students. Let’s look at those bundle’s courses and their price- 

all courses of Bizgurukul
  1. Marketing Mastery 2,143

There is one course which is Digital Marketing.

  1. Branding Mastery – ₹4,999

There are 7 courses which are personality development, video superstar etc. and by purchasing this you can access marketing mastery too.

  1. Traffic Mastery – ₹8,999

There are 9 courses which are youtube mastermind, email marketing mastery, LinkedIn mastery etc. and can access marketing and branding mastery too by purchasing this.  

  1. Influence Mastery – ₹15,999 

Total 7 courses which are like master public speaking, copywriting mastermind, sales mastery and etc. and will be able to access the previous three courses too by purchasing this.

  1. Finance Mastery – ₹19,999

Total 2 courses in stock market mastery (beginner and advanced) and by purchasing this you can access there all bundles means you’ll get total of 26 modules.

Now, let’s talk about some important facts that you should know about their courses. 

By purchasing their courses you’ll only get pre-recorded classes. Although, they said they give live sessions/training too but in those sessions/training they mainly tell you about their affiliate marketing program and how to sell its course and all.

Their courses revolve around digital marketing and personality development courses. In classes, they provide just basic knowledge of modules through slides

We can say that their courses are overpriced in terms of e-learning platforms because the same courses Udemy provide at a cheaper price than Bizgurugul courses. Also, you can get Udemy courses at 80% discount by applying Udemy 9.99 coupon code.

Also, you can go with Youtube where you’ll find the same courses with far better content free of cost and some YouTubers also give live sessions totally free for a better understanding & learning.       

What Is Bizgurukul’s Affiliate Marketing Program?

The reason Bizgurukul getting popular is because of its Affiliates (Affiliate marketers) who are joined in bizgurukul’s affiliate marketing program and telling others to do the same on social media platforms. 

So, Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing program provides you with a learn-and-earn platform. Bizgurukul gives 50% to 70% commission on each course sale.

For becoming a Bizgurukul affiliate you have to purchase its any course and then they provide you with an affiliate link of courses. From that, you can sell their courses to others and can have a commission. 

You’ll find their Affiliates on Instagram or Facebook easily, they tell you about how you earn lakhs in months by purchasing a Bizgurukul course and becoming an affiliate marketing program member.

If you purchase and become an affiliate then for earning you’ll have to sell courses to others and then those “others” will sell to others. Seems like, with Bizgurukul you’ll be doing a kind of chain marketing in name of affiliate marketing.

In real Affiliate Marketing, you don’t have to pay anything before actually doing it. You just promote a particular company’s products and then they give you a commission on every sale they don’t ask for any penny for becoming their affiliate.

But in Bizgurukul you need to purchase their overpriced courses first for becoming their affiliate to sell courses. Also, they have some weird conditions like; if you have purchased a Branding Mastery course you’ll get the same commission of around ₹3000 no matter if you sell any higher price course. 

This does not happen in any other affiliate marketing, once you are their affiliate marketer means you can sell any product and can have different commissions on every product.

These all things make us to ask if is Bizgurukul safe or not? 

How much does Bizgurukul pay?

Bizgurukul pays ₹ 17,889 per month for Marketing Executives to ₹ 26,125 per month for Marketers. Bizgurukul weekly pays ₹ 5,940 per week for Digital Marketers to ₹ 14,711 per week for Marketing Executives.

Should You Join Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Program?

Personally, we don’t recommend you to join Bizgurukul as you have to purchase their overpriced course first and this will be a wrong investment. Above we have explained how Bizgurukul Affiliate program is different from actual affiliate marketing. 

If you really want to do affiliate marketing then Bizgurukul is not the right platform for you there are many and far better ways to do affiliate marketing. As in Bizgurukul, you’ll do a kind of chain marketing, where you sell courses to ‘A’ then ‘A’ will have to sell courses to ‘B’ then ‘B’ to ‘C’ and it will not stop. This is not what you do in real affiliate marketing.

Is Bizgurukul Safe?

Until now, from above you might have got an idea why “is Bizgurukul safe?” question is rising. Everything in Bizgurukul is kind of doubtful and seriously not worthy. If their courses are selling, this is just because of their affiliate marketing program. 

Their affiliates just manipulate you by showing you proof of their earnings screenshots which can be fake also this is not safe to believe. Most of Bizgurukul affiliates scam you by showing fake screenshots or someone else screenshots. 

So, Bizgurukul is not a safe platform to invest for your future. In actual affiliate marketing, you pay nothing to be an affiliate marketer. And if you are thinking about their overpriced courses for learning purposes then it will be a waste because they give basic knowledge in their lectures. You can see live training mentioned on their websites but their live session is just about how sales you can do. They are providing a Youtube mastery course but Bizgurukul’s self youtube channel is not getting views. 

All these things make Bizgurukul and its affiliates suspicious. There is nothing by which we can say that Bizgurukul safe for investing your hard-earned money. 

Final Words

Bizgurukul & their affiliates just manipulate you by telling that you earn without doing anything or telling you that it will become your passive or side income. A big NO for believing them. This is your or your parents hard earn money do not waste it on such things. If you want to learn skill enhancement courses there are many platforms like Udemy you can try and by becoming a blogger you can generate side income too. For real affiliate marketing, you can learn about this from youtube and there are many ways to become a real affiliate marketer for the long term.

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