Pros And Cons Of Digital And Traditional Art

Those days were gone when an artist needed brushes or canvas to create their art piece. With the increase in technology, these artists too got the freedom to make their paintings with a computer mouse or tablet. To understand the pros and cons of digital vs traditional art you must know how they differ from each other.
Art is something where anyone can show their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas through paintings or drawings. But now the question arises: which is better digital art or traditional art?

Pros And Cons Of Digital Art


  • Convenient
  • Easily Shareable
  • More Flexible
  • Cheaper
  • Extensive Career Options


  • No Original
  • Ease To Replicate
  • Deliberate In Crafts
  • The Art Look

Pros And Cons Of Traditional Art

TraditionalArt PROS:

  • Problem Solving
  • Perfection
  • Hard To Replicate
  • Versatile
  • Physical Connection With Paintings

TraditionalArt CONS:

  • Not Portable
  • Quite Messy Work
  • Limited Medium
  • No Undo Option

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What Is The Main Difference Between Digital Art Vs Traditional Art?

The main difference between traditional and digital art is that traditional art is done by traditional techniques like brushes, papers, pencils, paints, etc. but digital art is done completely on computer devices without any mess.

Artists, working with traditional art involve physically with their art pieces by using their hands, clothes, feet to give a great effect or texture. They use different paints with various mediums like making palates with knives and create a real surface effect.

The belief behind their hard work is that they appreciate learning from a mistake and with their skills correcting any mistake by hand not by choosing to undo the button. Therefore, with this guide, you will get a deep-driven knowledge of the pros and cons of digital and traditional art.

What Is The Most Important Principle Of Art

What Is The Most Important Principle Of Art_

The principle of art is set for painters and artists to follow while creating their artwork. No matter what type of artist you are there are fundamental principles that you must follow.

Principle Of Art Include:

  • Balance & Alignments
  • Emphasis
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Proportion
  • Movement
  • White space

These are seven principles of art that are followed in both digital art and traditional art.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital art is a kind of art piece developed or created by technology. This can involve animations and 3D virtual art projects with the combination of various digital technologies. It’s a style of art that lends itself to an interactive format because it can be viewed in several ways, including on TV, the Internet, computers, and various social media channels. In a nutshell, digital art is a hybrid of art and technology. It opens up an abundance of new artistic possibilities. To do this, you need to use a software like Clip Studio Paint. And you can also grab Clip Studio Paint discount to grab heavy discounts on it.

What Is Traditional Art?

Traditional arts are passed down from generation to generation and are influenced by culture, family, ethnicity, and time period. In short, you can say that it is a form of art that is done by various traditional methods or real media. These include pens, pencils, paints, charcoal, clay, watercolors, oil pastels, and so on.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Art And Traditional Art

Since both Traditional Art vs Digital Art is good at their place. With time many artists want to explore new technology of digital art but some are still satisfied with their traditional methods. These pros and cons of digital and traditional art will help the artist to make a wise comparison between the two of them.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Art

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Art

Digital art is becoming a choice for many young artists and painters. Here are the pros and cons of digital illustrations:

Advantages of Digital art

  • Convenient: This kind of art is very convenient for those who are just beginning their career in painting or drawing. You can easily set brushes, paints, paper, orientation for your artwork.
  • Easily Shareable: the most convenient feature of digital art you can sell or show-case your paintings and drawing easily to the world by sharing to various social media platforms.
  • More Flexible: You will get extreme flexibility during the creation of digital art which satisfies all the industry standards for a professional digital painting.
  • Cheaper: Digital art is cheaper than traditional art. As it does not require an extra pen, paper, colors, and so on the material to start a new painting.
  • Extensive Career Options: For a better future career, digital art opens up a wide range of platforms and options. Living in this digital era, one can grab great career opportunities.

Disadvantages Of Digital Art

  • No Original: There is no originality for digital artwork. Once you create a drawing, it will be saved into your software and you can print the same as many as you want. This is not done in traditional art.
  • Easy To Replicate: Anyone can copy your design or your painting and add their name to make promotions. This will show the negative impact of digital art.
  • Deliberate In Crafts: By doing digital art you will lack in expertise to enhance the beauty of your painting with your skills. The only “undo” will do a lot and one can reliant on it.
  • The Art Look: There are some things you can do to spread your paintings, but your artwork will still look ‘digital’ before you get to a high level. If this bothers you, digital art is not for you.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Art

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Art

Some factors will show how joyful is traditional art. Here are the traditional art pros and cons:

Advantages of Traditional Art

Problem Solving: Traditional art is considered a problem-solving practice. As it does not have any undo option so one should have to fix by their skills if they made any mistake.

Perfection:  As you practice so shall you become perfect in your drawing and painting. Traditional is something that will improve day by day through practice.

Hard To Replicate: This is a big issue that is faced in digital art but traditional art is free from replication.

Versatile: Through this type of art you are to free combine, change, add, or subtract any kind of different medium to polish your art-work. This is not possible in Digital Art.

Physical Connection With Painting: You’re not using a touch screen or a mouse; instead, you’re having the complete natural touch experience, like smells, sounds, and the atmosphere in which you create the stuff. There is a physical connection between you and your paintings or drawings.

Disadvantages of Traditional Art

Not Portable: Most of the time, much traditional art required lots of material in their making which next to impossible to replace from their actual space.

Quite Messy Work: While using different materials that as paints, brushes, watercolors, pastels, any other art material it is obvious to have a mess around you.

Limited Medium: There are some limitations to using different mediums of art for completing your traditional art projects.

No Undo Option: Sometimes this becomes a difficult task to correct the mistake done on your important art piece. With Digital art, this is quite easy to modify such mistakes or changes.

These are the pros and cons of digital and traditional art which is quite important to know for an artist.

Does Digital Art Save Money?

Yes, digital art can save money in the long run due to reduced costs for physical supplies and materials.

Compare And Contrast Traditional Art From Digital Art

There is no comparison and contrast between digital art or traditional art. Both are good at their own place. Digital art is mostly used for commercial purposes or graphic designing whereas traditional art is done by traditional methods and done by hands.

Both, traditional and digital art follows the same concept for creating painting or drawings. With the change in time, the concept of arts is also changing and evolving with the digital world.

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