How to Get Backlinks with Resource in 2024

Getting backlink to your website is a really tiresome job, but it is really worth it. There are multiple ways to link to your site. But building a resource page link is one of the easiest and most efficient link building methods. Having a high quality backlink from the authoritative resource pages can significantly improve the visibility and authority of your site.

If the quality of your content is high and valuable, it is a benefit to the resource pages that you give them value. Here you’ll learn about resource pages and how to get backlinks from those pages.

What is the resource page link building and how to do it?

Before you understand the resource page link building, you need to know about the resource pages. The resource page is a simple website that only lists links to different sites on a specific topic. On the other side, resource page link building is the process by which you want to include your site’s link to those resource pages. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you build quality resource page links.

Create Compelling Resources

The most important thing is, you need to be a good resource. If you want to be part of a good resource page, you need to be an original and compelling resource first. This means that you should provide such high-quality content that an audience would not need any additional content.

Creating good quality content with specific details and comprehensive guides is the first step before you approach any resource page. Here’s a list of the important things you need to consider when creating good quality content.

  • Provide the essential details in your content that are required for the topic.
  • Supply enough statistical data and facts.
  • Incorporate a particular content style
  • Use visual elements like images, infographics in your content.
  • Give takeaways, checklists, guides, etc.

Now your website is ready with valuable resources and compelling content. The next job is to find authoritative resource pages.

Research and Find Authoritative Resource Pages

Before you find suitable resource pages you need to understand about authoritative resource pages. Because your goal is not to get backlinks from any resource page, you want to get a link from a site having good authority. When you research for finding good pages then consider these things, the site has a good Domain Authority, high Page Authority, and low spam score.

When you research for finding authoritative resource pages, consider these three factors to check the quality metrics of the resource pages. You can do this by using an online tool that can show you the results easily. To get the best search results you can use the following search strings.

Keyword + “Resources”

Keyword + “useful links”

Keyword + “links”

Keyword +”useful links”

Keyword + “helpful links”

These search strings will show some search results with their site health, you can compare the results and select a few sites for link building purposes. Prepare a list of sites that you want to put your link in a spreadsheet with specific details.

Find the Person in Charge

Now you have a spreadsheet with relevant sites for pitching to put your link. The next step is to find the appropriate person with whom you are going to communicate. You need to find the name and email address of that person. The person can be the Chief Marketing Officer or the Content Strategist, or Content Coordinator, VP marketing, Social Media Strategist or even the CEO of the organization. You can find the contacts of the right person in many ways.

First, you can check out their website to find the email address of the person who is in charge of content management. Secondly, you can check out company profile sites that have the company data. Or you can find them from social media platforms; check out various social media accounts to find the email address. Now you can put all the names of those websites, person in-charge, and email address in Google sheets and keep these data for outreach

Prepare an Attractive Pitch and Launch your Campaign

Now this is the most important part of your resource page link building campaign. Here is how you can tailor your pitch to the target websites.

  • Mention the name of those persons in the greetings phrase, because this shows that the message is for them.
  • Introduce yourself and simply write about your work and credibility.
  • Appreciate their resources on the site.
  • Provide the link URL of your content.
  • Wrap up the pitch and invite a response.

You’ve sent your outreach now, and it’s time for keeping an eye on your effort. If website owners or administrators find your resources valuable, they will definitely respond to your email.


As you learn from the above post about how to get a backlink from an authoritative resource page, it’s time to take action. Follow the steps, create compelling content, find authoritative resource pages, send an outreach email, and keep track of your progress. This will allow you to build high-quality links to resource pages and will definitely increase your site visibility and authority. Apart from that, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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