How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos in 2024- 5 Simple Steps for Recovering Videos

If your favorite video is removed from YouTube then knowing how to watch deleted YouTube videos can help you a lot. 

YouTube is one of the biggest entertainment platforms and is completely free to use. Here you can find various kinds of videos, from tutorials to comedy vines and you can watch these videos again and again without any restriction.

However, in some instances, YouTube removes videos from its platforms. To cope with these situations, you must be aware of how to watch YouTube videos that have been deleted. We have mentioned all these methods in this article. 

Is it possible to watch deleted YouTube videos?

Once a thing is uploaded over the web, it is almost impossible to completely remove it and the same is with YouTube videos. Once a YouTube video is uploaded, there is still a possibility to watch that video even if it is removed by YouTube. For that, there are some ways to watch deleted YouTube videos and we have outlined them in the further parts.

Ways to Watch Deleted or Private YouTube Videos

ways to watch deleted YouTube videos

There are mainly two ways through which you can recover or watch deleted YouTube videos online with URL. These methods are valid for both Android and iOS users along with PC users.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With Link?

It is one of the easiest methods of how to watch deleted YouTube videos reddit. For this, you have to just visit Wayback Machine or, where can you watch deleted YouTube videos.

Wayback Machine can be stated as a digital library where you can find the archives of all the data available on the World Wide Web. So, you can find YouTube deleted videos database that can help in recovering videos. However, for successfully implementing this method, you need to have the URL of the video that you want to recover.

To successfully watch deleted YouTube videos online with URL, follow some simple steps:

1. First, you need to obtain the URL of the deleted YouTube video. You can get the URL from your YouTube history. Or if you have ever liked that video, you can get the URL from your playlist of liked videos.

2. Once, you find the URL, simply search in your web browser. This will take you to the Wayback Machine.

how to watch deleted youtube video with link

3. Now, paste the URL in the search bar and press enter.

4. Doing this will display date-wise data of how many times that specific web page/video was crawled by Wayback Machine.

find youtube deleted video with URL

5. Now, click on any of the dates on which the page was crawled. Soon, the video along with its details will get displayed on your screen.

6. You won’t be able to stream that video, however, you can download it from there on your device.

So, these were some simple steps that you can use for downloading the deleted or private YouTube video. You will find this method very useful however it is not guaranteed to work every time. 

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without Link?

The former method of how to watch deleted YouTube video Android was very easy. However, that method requires the URL of the deleted video. But, in case, if you don’t have the URL of the video then can you find deleted YouTube video without link.

Well, there isn’t such a way to get your YouTube video back without its link. The URL is required for recovering the video that was originally deleted by YouTube. However, there is a trick that you can try to watch deleted YouTube video without link. But, there isn’t any surety that this trick will work every time.

Once a video is uploaded on YouTube, many small creators repost that video on their channels for gaining views. We can search for those videos for getting your deleted YouTube video back. For the same, you need to apply an SEO technique through which you can find deleted YouTube videos. For this, just go through the following steps:

1. Open your browser and search “site: + Title of the video”.

how to watch deleted YouTube videos without link

2. This will show you all the relevant videos available on YouTube having the same title as your video had.

3. Now, navigate for the video that looks almost similar to your deleted YouTube video. As stated earlier, there is very little possibility of finding the desired video.

4. If by chance, you find that video then either save it or download it by using the Wayback Machine.

So, these are the easy methods that you can use to recover a YouTube deleted video. These methods can work for you whether you are a viewer or a content creator on YouTube.

However, if you are a content creator and YouTube has deleted your video then there are some additional ways that you can try for recovering those videos.

Use Third-Party Software to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

If you haven’t backed up the deleted video then the first thing that you can try is using a third-party app.

There are many recovery apps available in the market that can let you recover the deleted YouTube videos. These apps will help you to recover the deleted or eliminated files from your device. Some of the best Apps that you can use are Wondershare Recoverit, EaseUS Data Recovery, Wondershare Dr.Fone, etc.

Contact Support Team of YouTube to Recover the Deleted Video

If none of the mentioned methods work for you then the last thing that you can try is to contact the YouTube creator support team. They will surely help you to get your video back.

1. For this just open YouTube and click on the “More” button available at the left corner of the top navigation bar.

2. Now navigate for the “Help” option and click on it. This will display some helpful options.

find deleted YouTube videos

3. Click on “Contact YouTube Creator Support” and this will display some further options. Now select the “Get Creator Support” option.

recover deleted YouTube videos

4. This will display a dialogue box. Now fill in all the relevant information in that box and submit it.

5. Soon, you will receive a revert from YouTube, helping you to recover deleted YouTube videos.

So, these are the methods for how to watch deleted YouTube videos. Seeing your favorite or self-created video getting deleting can prove to be annoying. However, all the above-mentioned methods can help you to a great extent to find deleted YouTube videos.


Q. Where can I find Deleted YouTube videos?

At Wayback Machine or, you can find YouTube deleted videos database. You can also download these deleted videos directly to your device.

Q. Can you watch Deleted YouTube video on Wayback Machine?

No, at Wayback Machine, you cannot steam the deleted videos. However, it allows you to download them.

Q. Why are my YouTube videos deleted?

YouTube operator with certain rules and policies that every user has to follow for using it. If any of your videos seem to violate these policies then YouTube may take down your video.

Q. How long do videos stay on YouTube?

There isn’t any specific time period and normally videos stay forever on YouTube. However, a video is only deleted if YouTube finds it violating any of its rules.

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