Kofax Power PDF Vs Adobe Acrobat

Kofax power PDF and acrobat both are very helpful tools for a user to edit, merge and create a PDF file. They support many editing tools like adding the text, adding the image, or highlighting

You can also convert these PDF files into word, excel, and presentation format with the help of these tools. Now the question arises Kofax power PDF Vs Adobe Acrobat, which one is better. To answer all of these questions we have made a list of comparisons by considering all the factors.

List Of All The Important Factors While Comparing Kofax Power PDF And Adobe Acrobat

  • Who is more secure?
  • Comparison on the basis of features offered 
  • Price comparison of acrobat vs Kofax power PDF
  • Difference on the basis of Operation system 
  • Categories Of Acrobat and Kofax power PDF 
  • Who provides better customer services?

Infographics Showing The Quick Difference Between Adobe Acrobat vs Kofax Power PDF

kofax power pdf vs adobe acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat Vs Kofax Power PDF: Is Kofax Power PDF Is More Secure Than Adobe Acrobat?

Security is one of the important features whether you are running a business or on your personal computer. There are chances of greater threats ever in the digital sphere. Power PDF is best as it stands out as the premier defense against these attacks. By using your PDFs as a vector you can access these without content. 

  • The PDF has prominence in the market due to its compatibility with almost any mobile device, operating system and browser. This compatibility comes with the cost, which means that as a hacker you can insert malicious code into a document. That is compromise and corrupt them. 
  • We all know that due to the favour of adobe acrobat remains hackers preferred target. As it turns the software against its users and compromises networks.
  • Power PDF uses advanced security features of scanning which helps to identify and neutralize malicious code,  meaning you can safely open your PDFs about damaging your computer without worrying.
  • Suppose if a wrong person gains access to your internal documents, you can get yourself in a losing position against the competition. By using adobe products, you can password-protect your documents, power PDF takes protection several steps further. 
  • If you are cooperating with the Microsoft active directory rights management system, you can easily control the access of documents which is on your document. That’s why your competition and hackers will need more passwords than one to access your documents. 

Winner-Kofax power PDF takes the edge in this section as it provides more security features than adobe acrobat.

Kofax Power PDF Vs Acrobat Comparison Based On Features

FeaturesPower PDF advancedAcrobat pro-DC
Creation of PDFs and export to word, excel or PowerPoint Yes Yes 
Convert images & documents into PDF files Yes Yes 
Creation of password-protected PDF, Yes Yes 
Combine multiple documents into one PDF file, Yes Yes 
Easily can create, sign & send forms Yes Yes 
Create a table of contents from bookmarksYes No
Convert assistant desktop utility or similar Yes No
Advanced edit features of word processing capabilities within your PDF file Yes No
To minimize the learning curve and maximize productivity it offers a Microsoft office style ribbon user interface Yes No
Convert selection using OCR & convert it for scanned PDF files and text-based PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfectYes No
Organization and management of a library PDF security envelopes,Yes No
Look like search to search for social security numbers, any alphanumeric pattern you define, or telephone number you defineYes No
To secure documents provide drag and drop security profiles Yes No
View protected PDF files & apply protection to these PDFs by using Microsoft active directory rights management services(AD RMS)Yes No
Offer auto find and mark technology by One-click professional scanningYes No

Is Kofax Power PDF Costs Significantly Less Than Acrobat

If you want to know the performance of your business, whether it succeeds or fails, it is based on one uncompromising demand? This means a positive balance in your corporate bank accounts. After comparing we can say that  Kofax power PDF is more economical than an acrobat. 

  • You can easily secure a power PDF download license for a single payment that won’t expire ever. This same licence will continue to work for the long term if you purchase it for your business today. 
  • As time passes you notice, the saving from the power PDF  perpetual license adds up. You will notice, in the first year, the costs will look similar between power PDF advanced and adobe acrobat pro-DC. It will cost $179 and $180 respectively and with the Kofax discount code its products are available at upto 50% off. If you are talking about savings compounds, you will have to pay $540 for an acrobat license, and in power PDF advanced, each additional year costs you $0.
  • If your business expands, these savings into further. When you feel the need for several licenses, it makes an enormous impact on your business. Suppose if you are using five licenses, your business can save over $900 per year on licensing. As your business becomes bigger, more savings add up year on year.

Winner- Kofax power PDF provides good options in terms of price which is cost-effective.

Comparison based on The Operating System Of Kofax Power PDF Vs Adobe Acrobat

When we compare power PDF and acrobat, we noticed that these are some of the operating systems where they are operatable.

Platform supportedKofax power PDFAdobe Acrobat DC
Windows Yes Yes 
Mac Yes Yes 
Android NoYes 

Kofax Power PDF Vs Acrobat: Customer Support Services

When we compare the customer support services of both the reputed PDF providers, we analyzed that Kofax power PDF is better than acrobat.  Kofar power PDF has a large variety of support options than an acrobat.

SupportKofax power PDFAdobe Acrobat DC
Business hoursYesNo
24/7 Live supportNoNo

Difference Between Kofax Power PDF Vs Acrobat Based On Pricing Structure

When we are talking about price structure then we can say this to you, power PDF is far better than acrobat. As you can enjoy all the features only by paying a one-time payment.

PricingKofax power PDFAdobe Acrobat DC
Price$179 one-time fee$12.99 per month
Free versionNoNo
Free trialYesYes

Kofax Power PDF Vs Acrobat: Difference Based On Training

We made a difference table based on the training of both acrobat and power PDF. In this comparison, we can say that they are more or less the same.

TrainingKofax power PDFAdobe Acrobat DC
Live OnlineYesYes

Comparison based on Categories Of Kofax Power PDF And Acrobat

Here we are mentioning to you all the categories provided by acrobat and power PDF. This will help you to get a clear picture of Kofax power PDF vs acrobat.

CategoriesKofax power PDFAdobe Acrobat DC
PDF EditorYesYes

Final Verdict: Which One Is Best Kofax Power PDF Or Adobe Acrobat

After analyzing Kofax power PDF vs acrobat we got to know power PDF takes higher weightage. It is also a more preferred choice by users to go with. 

Above we mentioned all the important factors of comparison which is important while comparing PDF software. So choose according to your need, that which feature matters to you most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adobe Or Kofax Better?

Kofax power PDF provides better functionality to its users and it is easy to use. In terms of price also Kofax is better than acrobat. It provides you with a great way to newer software with a one-time payment.

Is Kofax Power PDF The Same As Nuance Power PDF?

Kofax power PDF is freely known as nuance power PDF, supports more than 2 million customers globally. It is one of the leading alternatives of an acrobat.

What Is The Difference Between PDF And Adobe Acrobat?

It is a cross-platform application meaning the structure of PDF will look the same on different platforms like Windows and Mac. It also allows you to search through PDF files. On the other side, if we are talking about adobe, it is a more advanced and paid version and it provides additional features to create, print, and manipulate PDF files.

Is There A PDF Reader Better Than Adobe?

Yes, a PDF reader is better than adobe. As it provides a lot of great and advanced features to edit your PDFs. we also mentioned above all the reasons in detail why to choose power PDF over adobe.

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