Net Nanny vs Covenant Eyes- Which Is Best Parental Control Software?

The use of the internet is increasing each passing day. Everyone is using the internet whether you are a child or an elder person. There is no doubt that the internet has made our life easy but everything has its boon and bane. The Internet has also made us couch potato and its excessive use is not good for us especially for our children. 

There are so many sites on the internet which is not useful for our children such as gambling site, adults sites, violent contents, and many more. Parents are concerned about how to protect their children from these things. There are so many products in which they claim to give you kids internet safety. The most famous kid’s safety products are Net Nanny and Covenant Eyes. We have compared these two products to know which is better read our Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes Article.

About: Net Nanny And Covenant Eyes

Net Nanny is one of the best content- control software. It is specially designed for parents so that they can monitor their kid’s activities which they are performing online. This software was founded by Gordon Ross in 1983.

Covenant Eyes is one of the best accountability softwcovenanare. It was founded by Ron Dehass.

Difference Between Net Nanny And Covenant Eyes

Net nanny and covenant eyes difference

Both Net Nanny and Covenant Eyes protect your children from mischievous sites, also monitors their browsing activities.  

Which Software Performs Better Site Blocking: Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny

Covenant Eyes-This software permits you to block the web content you don’t want to see by your children. It is easy to block such sites simply by adding the URL of such sites. This software comes with the defaulted feature to understand the level of content to be shown to a 5-year-old or 18-year old teenager. Sometimes it does not work well as compared to Net Nanny. 

Net Nanny- Net Nanny comes with advanced technology to block vulgar and cheap content. It gives real-time instant blocking for those kinds of online events. Parents can have complete control over their children’s internet activity. They can fix their daily internet usage and filtering website. Net Nanny provides you great parental control.

Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes: Complete Protection

Net Nanny- Net Nanny provides you complete protection and it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It provides you internet scheduling for setting your children’s internet usage. 

Covenant Eyes- This software is compatible with an operating system like PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android, and tablets for tight protection against an adult or abusive content. It gives similar protection as Net Nanny.

Web Filtering Solution: Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny

Covenant Eyes- This software comes with an amazing filtering option it is tied with CleanBrowsing which is considered one of the best filterings companies that allow blocking other sites. It gives two levels of blocking options such as:

  •  Family Blocking- It is a high level of protection that filters and blocks the sites like Reddit, Youtube restricted ads, safe search on Google, Yahoo, Bings, etc.
  • Adult/ Vulgar Content- This is one of the best features that block the adult or mature content and website.

Net Nanny- Net Nanny has categorized users to block any of the vulgar content of various categories for the safety of the child. This software filters sites like adult videos, drug usabilities, gambling sites, and much other offensive content. It also gives you protection in a special field such as:

  • Social Media- This software tracks your child’s social media activity by keeping the eyes on their posts and pages they have followed.
  • Track Emails- Net nanny keeps track of your kid’s email account by taking a screenshot of them. 
  • Games- It is one of the best and most important elements because kids spend most of their time on a gaming platform. With this amazing feature, you can set permission on playing or downloading any game to get approval from you. Net Nanny gives more filtering options as compared to Covenant Eyes.

Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes: Answerability

Net Nanny- It can manage multiple profile pages from a single subscription. If you have more than one child you can restrict each’s internet usage. 

Covenant Eyes- This software permits the admin to access multiple accounts from a single subscription also you can specifically filter or blocking sites for specific family members.  

Features Of Net Nanny And Covenant Eyes

Net Nanny- Net Nanny has a long list of amazing features such as:

  • Parental Control 
  • Internet Filter
  • Ability to block Porn website 
  • Time Management
  • Profanity Mask
  • Alerts and Reporting
  • Remote Admin
  • User Profiles 
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Covenant Eyes- Covenant Eyes also offers you amazing features for the safety of your kids such as:

  • Optional Internet Filter
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire HD.
  • Gives reports to partners and parents
  • Supports multiple devices with a single subscription.    

Customer Support Net Nanny And Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes- Covenant Eyes provides you strong customer support for its users. It provides live chat, Email submission, community forum. Plus it has a specific section for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, accountability management, and other devices.

Net Nanny- This software provides you an informative FAQs section, blogs, articles, for user queries and problems. It also has an option for telephone support, live chat support, and email support. 

Plan Comparison Of Covenant Eyes And Net Nanny

Covenant Eyes

AccountPersonal PlanFamily PlanGroup Plan
Starts At$ 11.99$ 15.99$15.99
Per additional User$ 2No Cost No Cost
Filtering per person Month$ 1.5$ 1.5$ 1.5
Yearly Price $143. 88$191.88$191.88

Net Nanny

AccountDesktop PlanFamily ProtectionFamily Protection Pass
Devices 1 Device 5 Device 20 Device 
Starts At$ 3.34$ 4.58$ 7.50
Yearly Cost Per Device $39.99$11$4.50
Yearly Cost $ 39.99$54.99$89.99

From the above pricing comparison of Covenant Eyes vs Net Nanny, we found that Net Nanny is cheaper than Covenant Eyes.

Final Thoughts: Net Nanny Vs Covenant Eyes

From the above comparison of Covenant Eyes Vs Net Nanny, we found that Net Nanny is better than Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes gives you quite great features but as compares to Net Nanny it lacks at some places like advanced features, extra add, etc.

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