CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Premium- Which one is better?

Tuneup software plays a crucial role in improving the performance of a device. This software not only removes junk from a device but also resolves the issues related to power and storage. There are tons of cleaning software available but the most popular ones are CCleaner and Avast Cleanup premium. Through this comparison of CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Premium, we will be discussing the major areas where these two software programs differ. But before moving towards the Avast vs CCleaner comparison, let’s have an overview of these two software brands.

Introduction to Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner

CCleaner is the best utility software that cleans up the extra mess from your PC. It was founded on September 23, 2003, in Britain by a software company named Piriform. However, later on in 2017, Piriform was developed by Avast.

Avast Cleanup Premium is one of the utility software of Avast.  As according to the Avast Cleanup Premium Review, This software is capable of improving the performance of a device and is considered one of the best in its field.

So, now without wasting any further time, let’s move on to this Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner comparison.

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup: Comparison of their features

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner features

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Cleaning junk

CCleaner removes unused and junk files from your system easily and frees up the space of your disk. But the best part is that it does all these things in just a few seconds.

Avast cleanup premium is also capable to easily remove junk from your PC. The scanning capability of Avast is top-notch and scans PC from top to bottom to remove junk files and gives your PC a genuine cleanup.

However, we found CCleaner better in removing the junk and unused files. Its tools are also handy and don’t lack anywhere during scanning. So from Avast vs CCleaner, it is better to use CCleaner for removing junk.

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup: Bloatware removal

CCleaner has proven very helpful and handy when it comes to deleting no longer using apps. It lists all the apps of this kind in one place and allows you to delete them in one click. 

Avast cleanup premium also supports the removal of Bloatware. It is very advanced and easily detects 3rd party trial apps and eliminates them from your device.

In terms of removing bloatware, you will find Avast Cleanup ahead of CCleaner as it is also capable of eliminating the preinstalled apps from a device.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Disk cleaner

CCleaner also provides a great disk clean-up tool. This tool helps you to find out which files are consuming most of your disk space by running scans. Once the scan is complete, it seeks permission from you for removing the duplicate files or files which are rarely used.

Avast cleanup premium is also equipped with some tools required for freeing up disk space. It also easily identifies and deletes the leftover files of windows and unnecessary Cache files or thumbnails.

Both softwares are capable of cleaning disks but the way Avast cleans the Disk is tremendous and eliminates unnecessary data in quick succession. 

So, you can choose anyone between Avast vs CCleaner for cleaning your disks.

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup: Browser Cleaning

CCleaner can remove all the data saved by your browser including caches, passwords, etc. Additionally, it provides you an option to manually select the sites whose data you don’t want to be written off. 

Avast cleanup premium also clears the online traces and useless data from over 15 browsers. You can get rid of leftover data which the browser doesn’t delete by itself.

Both CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup are capable of effectively cleaning the unnecessary browsing data.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Registry cleaner

A registry is one of the most important parts of a device as it is the place where most of the system files are stored. Cluttering or damaging of Registry can result in crashes or system lagging. But CCleaner comes with some advanced tools that identify the issues related to the Registry and resolve them. 

Avast Cleanup also comes with a tool for optimzing and cleaning the Registry. This tool, also automatically scans and resolves registry issues on regular basis. 

In most of the aspects, CCleaner has an edge over Avast Cleanup. But when it comes to the cleaning registry you will find Avast Cleanup ahead of CCleaner. 

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup: Security

After updating, most of the software creates loopholes in your security system and affects your privacy. CCleaner never compromises with your system security and alerts you about your security.  It also prevents these updated software files to threaten your privacy.

Avast cleanup premium uses a security optimization tool to resolve security issues with your PC. And encourage the system security performance and clear all the security issues. You can relax with Avast because it is designed to perform according to standard security measures.

Although in terms of security and privacy, CCleaner has an edge over Avast Cleanup. Its policy is also very strict against all 3rd party software.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Devices Supported and Simultaneous connections

Both Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner are compatible with PCs including Windows and macOS. Besides, they can also work on CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Android and iOS devices.

However, CCleaner can only provide 3 simultaneous connections whereas Avast Cleanup can be used in a maximum of 10 devices at a time.

Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner: Comparison of Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you will find CCleaner way cheaper than the Avast Cleanup.

The basic pricing of Avast Cleanup Premium starts from $44.99 for one year. This version also provides only a single PC license.

Whereas the pricing CCleaner starts from just $34.95 for a one-year subscription. You can use this software on up to 3 devices by purchasing this plan.

CCleaner vs Avast Cleanup Premium: Conclusion

Through Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner comparison, we found that both the software provides some amazing features for optimizing the performance of a device. However, in terms of performance, you will find CCleaner a bit ahead of the Avast Cleanup. The pricing of CCleaner is also relatively cheaper if compared to the Avast Cleanup. So, it is recommended to start working with CCleaner if you want PC tuneup software.

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