Piriform CCleaner Vs IObit Advanced SystemCare 2023- Which Is Better PC Cleaner Software?

CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare are such kinds of system cleaner software that can help you in increasing the life expectancy of your PC. Computer systems with Windows are the most capable operating system over time. They lack in their performance with their frequent use. This occurs in every computer system and can be resolve by using some utility software.

To make a wise decision this Piriform CCleaner vs IObit Advanced SystemCare comprehensive guide will help. An ideal system cleaner must have easy to use interface, some advanced features to boost system performance, quickly scans the viruses, and provide accurate or helpful results.

Which Is Better- CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare?

In order to find a perfect solution for your PC CCleanup software like CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare are available in the market. Both the programs are used for system optimizers but still have some differences in their services.

In terms of providing advanced features, IObit Advanced SystemCare has an edge over CCleaner. Also, compare to the pricing structure again Advanced SystemCare beats CCleaner.

Piriform CCleaner Vs IObit Advanced SystemCare Comparison

Difference between CCleaner & Advanced SystemCare

The main difference between Advanced SystemCare vs CCleaner is that Advanced SystemCare provides a wide range of PC optimization tools and excellent features compared to CCleaner.

CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare Features

Piriform CCleaner

The major features of CCleaner are:

  •       Registry And File Cleaner
  •       Drive Wiper
  •       Apps Uninstaller
  •       Startup Manager
  •       System Restore Point Manager

With the help of various third-party programs, CCleaner helps in removing many unwanted files or applications in your system. Such programs include Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and so on. It can make free space in your system by removing junk files, caches, and browsing history.

Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare provides bundles of advanced system care features. These features include:

  •       Temporary Files Cleaner
  •       Malware detection or removal
  •       Defragment or Clean Registry
  •       Uninstall unnecessary software
  •       Enhance Internet Speed
  •       Manage Start-Up Programs

These features help you in optimizing or clean your device deeply. Therefore, IObit Advanced SystemCare is better than CCleaner in terms of features.

CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare User Interface

Piriform CCleaner

The user interface of CCleaner is quite impressive and straightforward. On their home page, you can find all the navigational buttons where want to explore and access different functions. Also, there is a sub-function list if any specific function has its internal features. In a very great manner, they show the system statistics at the top of the screen.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

The software also has a very powerful and flashy user-interface. Everything is well organized and has different navigation options for different persons that are from beginner to expert. Therefore, both software CCleaner and advanced SystemCare are equally good at their user interface.

CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare Scanning Time

Piriform CCleaner

The scanning time of the CCleaner is about 10.867 seconds and capable of removing up to 1645MB. For registry scanning, it takes another 3 seconds. The scanning time and disk space will depend on your device’s efficiency and what kind of stuff you have in your system. So this may vary from system to system.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

The software has excellent scanning options for system optimization. It can scan 12275 problems in just 1 minute 8 seconds and sort in different levels of security, performance, and stability. Compare to CCleaner, Advanced System is better for system scanning.

CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare Customer Support

Piriform CCleaner

The Company provides Video Tutorials and knowledge-based FAQs sections for user’s queries on their official website. There is an option of a ticket-based support system.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

For the premium subscription customers, the company offers priority tech support. They provide contact forms to get solutions for your problems related to software and the company ensures to give a reply within 48-hours. A discussion held on the company’s official forum site.

Pricing Structure Of Advanced System And CCleaner

There is a slight difference between the price structures of both the software.

Advanced SystemCare Free vs CCleaner Free

Advanced SystemCare Free Features:

  •       Fix Disk Errors
  •       Malware Protection
  •       Basic PC cleaning and optimization
  •       Remove harmful threats from emails
  •       Firewall and Antivirus for dual protection

CCleaner Free Features

  •       Enhance System Performance
  •       Provide System Health Check
  •       Track Or Record Browsing Activities

Other Price Structure Of Ccleaner Or Advanced Systemcare

Advanced SystemCare Pro:  Start at $19.99 per year with 3 PC licenses. With the feature mentioned in their free, this will come in the addition to some other like:

  •       Auto software update
  •       Excellent scanning option with smart AI mode
  •       Free 24/7 customer support

CCleaner Pro: Starts at $19.95 with a limited trial period. And with the features of

  •       Quick App Updates
  •       Deep PC Cleaner
  •       Premium Customer Support

CCleaner Pro Plus: With the license of 3 PC cost starts at $34.95 per year. With the features including:

  •       Disk Defragmentation
  •       Hardware Inventory
  •       File Recovery

Which Is Best Between CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare?

With the completion whole comparison of Piriform CCleaner vs IObit Advanced SystemCare, it is clear that Advanced SystemCare beats CCleaner with its impressive features and tools. CCleaner is also decent PC optimization software but compares to others it lacks in some areas. The plus point about these such programs that you can use them for Mobile App Testing as well.

Therefore, we recommend buying Advanced SystemCare to boost your system performance to the next level and keep it up to date with the time. 

FAQs- CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare Which Is Better?

What Is The Best Alternative To CCleaner?

There is much alternative software available in the market such as Advanced SystemCare, Iolo System Mechanics, Norton Utilities, and so on. You can also do further research for the best utility software for your PC or Windows.

Is Advanced SystemCare Good For Your Computer?

Yes. IObit Advanced SystemCare is a very good software for your computer optimization. It has bundles of advanced PC cleanup tools that can boost your device’s working performance.

Does CCleaner Really Delete Everything?

Yes. CCleaner first scans the device and detect files or folder that is unused and delete such folders.

Are IObit products safe?

Yes. IObit Advanced SystemCare is completely safe for your computer. You can easily optimize or scan your device plus enhance its performance to the next level without any lags.

How Good Is Advanced SystemCare?

The software has great optimization features and works with the latest technology that is AI mode to detect any harmful malware or virus available in the system.

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